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Data Fusion


is a patent-pending back-end Data-Fusion process, designed to provide unmatched Situational Awareness in complex Command and Control environments. Through the Data Fusion process, Titan is capable of being a fully vendor and industry agnostic system, where all sensor data, regardless of manufacturer or function, can be synthesized and presented in a singular, cohesive visualization. 

Titan accomplishes this by leveraging its patent-pending data-fusion technology, essentially harnessing the information from one sensor point, and fusing it with the information from another, regardless of manufacture or operating system. In so doing, Titan provides a fully-customizable, vendor-agnostic, and best-in-class Platform that streamlines the decision-making process in complex environments through the ultimate in situational awareness; Titan has been developed as a system of systems.


BGR has designed Titan to allow input from any sensor type, in any geographic area, using a flexible attribute catalog that can be configured without having to change source-code. This adaptable technology allows customers to extend their Command-and-Control capabilities dynamically, and without having to entertain costly rip-and-replace scenarios.

The sensor data within Titan is bi-directional, meaning that Titan can collect information and publish commands to actionable devices and visualizations. Titan is an innovative solution for real-time analyzing, fusing and high-speed sharing of data from all types of sensors across multiple domains such as cyber, land, air, and space.

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